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We have years of experience identifying great talent for some of the top companies in the country here at Headhunter Chicago. So we know a thing or two about job recruitment. The companies we work for have discovered the advantages of outsourcing their hiring process, resulting in both cost and time savings. From networking to reviewing applications, scheduling meetings, conducting interviews, negotiating terms and more – in short, hiring talent takes a a lot of work and uses a lot of resources.

Leave It To The Pros

A company is only as reputable as the quality of the people they hire and the standards they set.

Certainly, finding the right talent is central to your success as an employer. You don’t need to do this in house. You can leave it to the experts here at Headhunter Chicago and focus on revenue generating activities.

We pride ourselves in our unique ability to hunt down and attract the most talented candidates from across the highly complex web of sophisticated organizations. In short, once we have identified a candidate, it doesn’t matter where they are currently; our team at Headhunter Chicago is composed of persuasive experts that will give the candidate a reason to join your company. So leave it up to us to handle your hiring.

Why Companies choose To Work With Headhunter Chicago

Six reasons to choose our service

We Find Top Talent

Our extensive network of top talent ensures you are only interviewing with the best.

We are Committed

Your success is our top priority and it starts with a great partnership.

Incredible Staff

We have well-trained and highly personable staff that care about you and your goals.

Research Based

We do our homework and make sure we fully understand the position you need filled.

Incredible Value

Let us save you time and money by finding the right candidates for less than you can do in-house.

Our Track Record

Hundreds of satisfied employers and job seekers. Check our testimonials below.

Employers Seeking Talent

Let Us Find Your Next Hire

Need help with your next hire? We can take your job requirements and match them with dozens of top qualified candidates. We do the screening, set up the interviews and only send you the very best.

Headhunter Chicago Is For Job Seekers

Prepare For Success

Stand Out from The Rest

If you are looking for a career change and need help preparing you to be presented to top companies, then you’ve come to the right place. Headhunter Chicago will review your job history, your skillset and experience, and then prepare a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

So let us connect you to companies that match your skillset and set up interviews with your dream companies.

Job Seeking Professionals

Interview with Top Companies

The vast network of companies we work with, and our connections with decision makers, opens up many possibilities for your career. Headhunter Chicago can put you in touch with them and get you hired.In addition, we will help prepare you for your interview. Sit with our team and discover ways to improve your chances of landing your dream job.

In addition, we will help prepare you for your interview. Sit with our team and discover ways to improve your chances of landing your dream job.


Things You Should Know

Before you start looking for your next big hire


  • Software and Web Developers
  • Network Architects, Admins, & Support
  • Systems & Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Computer Support Specialists
  • Database Administrators

Job Prep Checklist

  • Research the company
  • Review your own resume
  • Find out who you’re speaking with
  • Prepare great questions to ask them
  • Review the job description

See Why Employers and Job Seekers Choose Us

Headhunter Chicago Testimonials

“I didn’t realize how easy it could be to post a job and get solid candidates fast. Headhunter Chicago is my goto for new hires”

Testimonial 2

Ben Goldsmith

Company CEO

“Getting a job was quick and easy. I really was hoping to get a call back from my dream employer, and I’m happy to say they hired me!”


Alejandra P.

Anaheim, CA

“I found a new job and was hired in 4 days total.”

Testimonial 1

Ajay Mehra

Software Engineer

Headhunter Chicago Philosophy

The Headhunter Chicago recipe for a quick recruitment process

Wondering why Headhunter Chicago takes less time to find the right candidate for you? It’s built into our process.

We take a very selective approach in our headhunting process.In other words, we are choosy; and we approach only the most exceptional candidates the industry has to offer. As a result, we are able to cut the recruitment timelines by up to 90 percent.

So when we pass a shortlist of candidates to our clients, they’re always the most qualified candidates. Ultimately, the whole recruitment process goes faster for everyone: both the candidate and the hiring company. The candidate doesn’t have to wait long to get a decision and our client doesn’t have to take forever to fill a time-sensitive position. Nor does a company have to lose a perfect talent because of a long drawn-out process that irritates the candidate and makes them move on to other offers.

An organization’s health is anchored on the quality of its workforce…

Having a solid team of higher performing employees can give your company an intimidating presence in the market. You don’t put together such a team from a group of OK candidates. Only a process tailored to filter out the very best out of the crowded marketplace can create such a workforce. That’s what you get working with the Headhunter Chicago recruiting team.

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